Finding You

Most of us are not happy with what we are or who we are. If you were given the chance to change your life, we would probably ask to start again in a better situation. This is because you have believed the lie that others have succeeded in life because they were given a better chance.

Those who believe in reincarnation hold on to this hope, thinking they may be given another chance. But the Lord does not offer us that I am afraid. You are given only one life to live, and what you become during that time is decided by you alone.

Not even God in His great power can change your destiny if you choose to go in a direction you desire. He will certainly be there to help you and offer you a better way. But if you choose to do it your way, then you cannot blame Him for everything that goes wrong.

So the best way for you to live the best life ever is to find out what you have been given, and decide what you are going to do with these gifts. Because they are gifts, even if you think they are bad gifts.

I have a complete study that will help you to find your gifts and then advise you on how you can use those gifts to build a wonderful life.