Home Meetings

Each week Daphne and I will be presenting a fresh Bible Study that can be used in homes everywhere. The purpose for this is so that you can start holding home church meetings in your home without much preparation or knowledge of ministry.

We will be making available to you all the resources that you will need to run a church in your home using materials that we are making available online. You will need an internet connection with sufficient data and internet speed to view videos online and to download study materials.

What we will provide will meet the essential elements of a good church gathering, without the necessity for a church hall and expensive sound equipment erc.

The Essentials of a Church Meeting

The first essential of a church meeting is worship, but this is somewhat limited in a home. Firstly you cannot worship too loudly if you are living close to neighbours who might complain. Secondly it is unlikely that you will always have someone who can play an instrument, even a simple guitar, to lead the worship.

How To Worship in the Home

We write all our own worship songs and would love to teach some of them to you so that you can sing them together. And to make this possible we will provide you both the song leading and music together for you to play in the meeting.

All of our songs are available online, with audio recordings of the songs, plus all the words for you to sing along. And if you wish to also play an instrument like the guitar, we provide the music chords for you to play.

On our Fivefold Music website, we have a comprehensive song collection that has been built up over many years. We have all the words for the songs and also have uploaded audio recordings of these songs so you can learn them.

Each song has its own page containing both the song recording and the words, with and without the music chords so you can sing along while playing the song. You can choose your song list ahead of time, and then simply play these songs in your meeting and sing along with them.

Check out our selection of songs here:


Home Bible Study or Sermon

To save you having to prepare a sermon or bible study yourself, we provide each week a bible study presented live and then a quality recording uploaded for later viewing.

The studies presented are of a suitable level for all believers at all levels, so you can safely present them to your family and friends by inviting them into your home to watch together with you. If you watch on a laptop you can connect this to a TV so that everyone can see it easily.

We then also provide some discussion questions on the study that you can download and present to those who attend. This allows you to discuss the study that you have watched and either share more with the people, or minister to their needs.