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Using Your Pen to Change Lives

Some twenty-three years ago we ended up in Mexico where the local population only spoke Spanish and I couldn’t carry out any kind of ministry in a live situation.

I had so much inside of me that I wanted to share with others, but the only way I could communicate with anyone I knew or who spoke English, was via email.

I decided to write some ministry articles and send them to people that I knew. The list was pretty small, but I felt like I was at least pouring out some of what was inside of me.

Thus began a ministry that later began to span the nations and became eventually a full international training mechanism for the Fivefold Ministry. I later began to preach into the camera and produce audio, video, and text transcripts of my preaching. And from there we produced full books of teachings.

But it all started with writing. Because writing is the one thing that is universal and does not lose its ability over time.

Imagine if the writers of Scripture had not put everything down in writing and passed it down to us? But today we can still hear Paul preaching some of his famous sermons, not because we have audio or video recordings, but because he wrote them down.

You May Never Have a Pulpit

As a believer, you have had experiences and learned things over time that could benefit others who are going through something similar. But what chance will you ever get to do this verbally or publicly? For most folks, the chances are very slim, unless you have the right contacts.

But you could put some ministry into writing that can be sent out internationally over the internet and reach people you will never meet in the flesh.

If you get really good at it and build up a collection of good writings, you could even later compile them together into a full book and publish it. And today you can do this with very little expense involved. So you could become the author of one or more books without needing a publisher and spending a fortune.

I have already produced nearly 80 books in total since I first started writing and if you do a search for Les D. Crause on Google you will see my books listed in many different places.

My preaching into camera available on video and in audio is also available but in time those may become obsolete. But my books will live on long after my time on this earth is over. Writing has this power to immortalize you.

What About You?

Do you have a passion to share with others what the Lord has done for you, and what you have learned in your spiritual walk? You may never get an opportunity to preach live or into the camera and you may not know enough people who would be interested in listening to you.

But you can start pouring out right now in writing. I know that many years ago when I was still in obscurity and just an ordinary church member I was never given a chance to minister publicly. So I sat down and began to preach to pen and paper.

There were no computers in those days, so I accumulated boxes full of papers with my writings on many different subjects. I got Bibles with wide margins and wrote some of my ideas directly in my Bible.

Eventually, I developed an ability to express myself well in writing and when computers arrived this became so much easier.

Nothing Is Automatic

Nobody is born with writing ability and knows how to do this without any help. You need someone to take you by the hand and share some of their knowledge and experience with you.

As I have come now to a place in my life and experience where I have more time available to minister in new areas, the Lord has told me to finally do something that I have wanted to do for many years.

Show Others How To Minister in Writing

So Daph and I have decided to set up as part of our new ministry, special training for everyone on our mailing list that would like to receive some basic training on how to minister in writing.

We will be setting up a special mailing list and a specific website for those who are interested and we will be offering the following service to all our members:

a. Basic training on how to write well

b. Instruction on how to minister using writing

c. How to use writing as a vehicle for building your ministry

d. How to post your articles on Facebook instead of materials that others have produced.

As part of this ministry, we will be choosing some of the best materials that students produce and we will publish them to our mailing list.