Pastoral School

The GBM Pastoral Training Course

God has called you to the ministry. You have felt  this for a while, and perhaps some prophets have prophesied over you that you have a calling. But you need some training on how to function in the ministry. You need a Pastoral School to prepare you for your calling.

You came to the right place. Here you will not only learn what is involved in obeying the call of God to the Ministry, but you will be equipped to rise up and become a leader in the Body of Christ.

Only God can make you into a Minister, but we can help equip you and show you the way. Then you will recognize what the Lord does in your life, and understand some of the things that happen to you as you begin this journey.

It will certainly be a journey unlike any other and as a student of our Pastoral School, you will find something unique happening as you start your studies.

1. If you truly have a Calling, you will find yourself literally LIVING the lessons as you receive them.  In other words you will not only learn theory but the life lessons will be included with it.

2. If you have any problems along the way or need some explanation, we will be there to help point you in the right direction.

3. You may have already studied or done theological courses before, but you will find this course a bit different to anything you have seen until now. It is totally practical, and all the principles have been proved in practice. You will find yourself changing as you go through the lessons and student projects.

And by the end of the course, you will look back in amazement at how far you have come.

Will You Make It Through?

Our training is far more than just imparting knowledge. You will become transformed into what God has called you to be. So do not approach this as just another educational program that you can give up and start again later.

You will find yourself on a training timetable that is set by the Lord. And if you are not prepared to follow this through to the end, then perhaps you are not yet ready for this kind of training. So make sure that you have what it takes before you start.

And if you are not prepared to put in the effort, face the change and challenges and persevere until the end, then perhaps you were not really called to the Ministry after all.

When To Attend

We hold live classes for Pastoral Students every second Saturday of the month at 10.00 am at our Gbm Training Center in Kempton Park, South Africa. You will spend most of the day with us, including a lunch break, where we will supply a delicious meal and snacks for you.

If you wish to enroll in this training, go to the application form and complete an application to be included in the next school session which begins on Saturday 12th August. Latecomers will be allowed,  but then you will need to catch up on past lessons using the Distance Learning option and additional costs will be involved.

You may choose to enroll in the Distance Learning program from the beginning if you live far away or in another country and are able to download the lessons from the internet.

All live lectures are captured into camera and then made available to Distance Learning students. By watching the videos you will feel like you are participating in a live session.


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