Why Write?

Writing As A Ministry

Writing is a tool that enables anyone to express their ministry without having to be physically present. It is invaluable when you are limited in how many people you can interact with physically, and especially valuable during emergency circumstances such as:

A. The Current Pandemic With Its Lockdown Restrictions

B. Where you want to reach distance locations without travel

C. Where you are not permitted to minister publicly in your local church

Goals In Writing

If you are writing as a ministry then your goal is never to exalt or gain attention for yourself. This may be the goal of unbelievers in their writing, but it should never be the goal of a believer who is seeking to be a blessing to others as part of their ministry calling.

Exalting The Lord And His Word

Your main purpose in writing as a ministry is to lift up the Lord Jesus and put His Word first place in your ministry. When you do this you will automatically also be exalted.

Jesus said, “If I be lifted up I will draw all men to me.”

John 12:32 And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all [men] to me. (GBMV)

Being a Blessing to Others

Your writing should be geared towards helping other people find a life of blessing in the Lord. To do this you could produce writings that do some of the following:

a. Encourage those who are struggling in life and need someone to lift them up

b. Motivate those who have lost interest and lack something exciting to do

c. Show those with problems how to overcome with the Lord and His Word

d. Share some exciting revelations that God has given you in His Word

e. Impart some of the knowledge you have gained to others who do not know these things

f. Mentor or disciple others from a distance using words

Kinds of Ministry To Express

Teaching Ministry

If you have.a teaching orientation, then writing should come fairly naturally to you. The temperaments that functions best in teaching is the Analytical and it is also this temperament that finds it easiest to express themselves in writing.

It is possible for the other temperaments to also function well in a teaching ministry, but usually only those who have analytical as an adjacent ministry. The expressive, which is the opposite temperament, tends to be more inspirational and motivational than teaching oriented.

Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral ministry is the domain of the Amiable temperament, who excels in helping others in their problems. The Pastor is one who cares about the needs of others, and tries to offer help to anyone who is in need. This includes counseling those with problems.

Writing can be a wonderful took for encouraging those who are down and showing them how to overcome some of their problems.

Again adjacent temperaments can also do this to some degree, but the opposite temperament, the driver is least likely to be pastoral in approach, because the driver is more work oriented and tends to tell people what to do.

Prophetic Ministry

Prophets in office tend to be very direct and confrontational, and they excel in telling people what they should be doing. This is very much the domain of the driver temperament.

But prophetic ministry is always filled with exhortation and encouragement. When you write using prophetic ministry you share with people how the Lord sees them, and encourage then to keep pressing on in spite of all the difficulties that they are facing.

You help them to see things from the Lord’s point of view instead of through the eyes of the world. And all of us at one time or another need this kind of ministry. So prophetic writing is very popular all round.

Evangelistic Ministry

To reach unbelievers, which is the main thrust of the Evangelist, requires that you are communicating with unbelievers and not Christians. So if you do this in writing, you will likely need to write for a more secular audience, on subjects that are more general and not so spiritual

You can, however, motivate and encourage believers to gain a passion for the lost, and encourage and show them how to win souls. And you can do this quite effectively in your writing.

Book Writing

Not all who minister in writing will make it their main goal to write full books. But once you have produced a lot of writing material, especially if you are writing with more of a teaching emphasis, you might want to accumulate some of your writings into a full book.

We will be including a full writers handbook here which will give you all you need to write well, and even produce books. And then we will also show you how to format your books for printing and publishing and how to self-publish and market them online.

For more on this visit our Writers Handbook Page here:

Writers Handbook